What we do

Construction Contracts
Drafting contracts, reviewing contracts, negotiating contracts, resolving disputes, managing contracts.

Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 (BCIPA)
Assisting with Payment Claims, Payment Schedules, Adjudication Applications, Adjudication Responses, dealing with Adjudication Decisions.

Consulting Advice
Advising other law firms on construction law matters, expert briefs, Statements of Claim and Defences.

Expert Determinations
Acting as expert determiner to resolve disputes relating to construction contracts - for example, variation claims, extension of time claims, delay claims.

How we can help you

The most important areas in which Wood Legal Solutions can help you include the:

- mitigation of risk; and

- saving of time, money and stress.

Significant legal costs can be incurred in dealing with and resolving construction disputes through either the BCIPA, the courts, or other avenues and it can take a significant amount of time and cause high levels of stress.

It is vital that every effort is made to draft a contruction contract that aligns with the project and the parties. Early intervention is also extremely important when a dispute arises between the parties if you are to avoid costly BCIPA adjudications or even costlier court intervention.

Ultimately, all parties want a successful project but if this is to be achieved, understanding of contractual and statutory rights and obligations is necessary to ensure that the project progresses in line with those obligations. Our experience across design, project and contract management and dispute resolution (litigation, mediation, BCIPA adjudications) stands us in good stead to help you whether you are a Principal, Superintendent, Contractor or Sub-Contractor.

Our sister company, Wood Management Solutions Pty Ltd, provides project management services including:

    - Principal's Representative;
      - Superintendent;
        - BCIPA applications/responses;
          - project management consulting advice and training;
            - construction management.

            Wood Management Solutions Pty Ltd can be engaged to manage a project to avoid disputes that require legal intervention. However, if a dispute arises, Wood Management Solutions Pty Ltd can seamlessly transfer the project to Wood Legal Solutions to resolve. We invite you to visit www.woodmanagement.com.au for further information.